Our philosphy

For the Love of Wood

The story of Northern Cube is one of a love and appreciation for wood. Wood is beautiful! We make wood cube furniture that celebrates the natural character and beauty of wood, has simple but graceful lines and is crafted for a long, useful life. Our love of wood is transferred to every piece that we build.  Hidden inside every piece of our wood cube furniture is a story. Wood ages and wears beautifully. Unlike non-living material like plastic or metal, wood is a living material and every piece tells its story through its grain

Handpicked with Care

Our team is dedicated to making extraordinary unique pieces of furniture from salvaged or reclaimed wood that would have been left on the forest floor or destined for the landfill. The wood we use comes to us well into its journey. We handpick every piece and it carries its experience, personality and story into the shop, then back out with it as a finished product. As the years pass, each piece lives on and continues to tell a story about its life – always maintaining its strength and beauty.

Grounded in History

When a tree is salvaged or reclaimed, its previous life is exposed to tell its unique story. The forest is a complex community where trees and other plants and animals live in delicate balance. Changes in climate, exposure to water, disturbance, animals, insects and weather create a uniqueness and character in each piece

Authentically Canadian

Northern Cube creates wood furniture made in Canada by artisans from locally sourced wood, using natural finishes. We collaborate with architects, designers and artists to create artisnal accents that are the finishing touch or main focal point of a space. We create furniture that blends nature and elegance with the highest quality.

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