About Us

At Northern Cube the environment matters to us. We believe in sustainable, eco-friendly timber harvesting and wood manufacturing practices

Founded in the heart of the boriel forests of Canada and the capital of Canada, Ottawa. Our wood furniture and art is a green solution for your home or the office. The lumber that we use grows in sustainably managed forests by suppliers that meet strict standards for forest management. Our goal is to create top quality products from beautiful Canadian wood for our customers’ homes and offices with minimal impact on the environment.

Unlike other products that deplete the earth’s resources, wood is the only major building material that grows naturally and is renewable. In a world where it is getting increasingly difficult to find anything that is real, Northern Cube is attempting to bring to you before it is too late, something that is real.

Our trees are selected by us from various locations across North America. And they are harvested using sustainable harvesting practices. We are also in the process of sourcing trees from all over the globe and will follow the same sustainable guidelines in selecting these trees.

Singles trees are harvested to mimic nature, where single trees die and fall, or are blown down by strong winds. We select trees that are mature or defective to encourage growth of the remaining trees in the forest. Such harvesting practices encourage new timber growth and biodiversity. Eco-friendly harvesting techniques help forests regenerate and renew themselves naturally. All of our products are made from wood that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.


We support small local regional businesses, farms, municipalities and home owners.

We use trees that have been selected to be cut for reasons such: locally here in Ottawa, the city is cutting ash trees, because the ash borer beetle has killed them – we are using those trees. Here the trees have to be used. Another case we have a land owner who has had the farm in the family since the 1700’s, she pre-selects yearly a few trees to be cut, trees that are near the end of their life span, or that are dangerous now to be up. We search out trees with a special story. Our policy is not to support any clear cutting operations. We use all wood obtained from the tree; whatever, wood is not used to make a cube is uses for other purposes so there is no waste.

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