The Northern Cube Team

We are committed to the creation of the wood cube, one of art and function. We love the expression of both in the form it takes in our company. We hope that you will enjoy this work in your place of comfort. That is our commitment to you.

Arbourist Team

We have a group of people who do our search for wood, a seasoned team of experts who look for special and unique opportunities. Our team is looking for interesting stories behind the wood anywhere they can. We like to share that story. That story is in your room now.

Nelson Design Group

Designer We work with a team of designers from all over the world who share our vision. Our team is dedicated to unique design that pushes the concept of the cube in the form of real wood. We like to see our pieces in your home as pieces of functional art.

Northern Cube is a place where like-minded creatives come together to develop cubes in wood in a very creative way. The wood is seen as the real creation and we simply find a way to communicate it – by giving it to you in a simple form. We can pass along a legacy that was given to us – real wood, with all that nature has to offer. Imperfection is a seen as perfection and nature is seen as it is. Our team strives to give you the most basic gift that wood can give us. We start and finish with that thought every day.

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